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What do we stand for ?

Economy of Love stands for …
holistic farming, production and processing. We make different sectors and compounds of an economical and societal system work together within an associative way.
Economy of Love strives to …
make our economics harmoniously correlate with society and nature. We want to work towards a sustainable development where every human being can unfold his and her individual potential; where mankind lives together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is transparently conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.

How do we achieve that?

Read the chapters below to learn more about how our standard works, how we guarantee our standard and how we benefit our certificate holders. 
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How does our standard work?

In 2019, we created a sustainable high- value standard following the aspects mentioned above. Our standard is composed of two parts:
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How do we benefit our certificate holders?

Awareness building & Education, the Economy of Love Fund, reconnection
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How do we guarantee our Standard?

Every EoL certified institution gets recertified annually after being audited by an external, independent certification body.
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Our Minimal Criteria are the fundamental stem to our Standard. They consist of 20 mandatory Criteria, five from every sphere. These Minimal Criteria are among the worldwide strictest ones and have to be fulfilled by any certified institution. Check out our four spheres to learn more as to what our standard covers.
While all our proud certificate holders have our Minimal Criteria in common, their flower blossoming out of this stem can look different. As diverse and individual as every institution is, as individual and innovative can be their sustainable development. In our Development Criteria, we have certain inspirational guidelines divided among the four spheres. The certifyee himself chooses for every year a sphere to focus on. Afterwards, he drafts out a plan how to reach his chosen goals and implements it in his individual way before he gets audited.


How do we guarantee our standard?

Every EoL certified institution gets recertified annually after being audited by an external, independent certification body.
 The audits are not only there to assure the implementation of the Minimal Criteria and the self created Development Plans, but also to discuss any issues and improvement proposals. 
In addition, the certified member fills out a self assessment to draft out a clear picture of his status quo and brainstorm about where he wants to go. 


How do our certificate holders benefit?

Awareness building & education
All of our certified members have regular workshops or sessions about social issues, environmental awareness, creativity and entrepreneurship and worker’s and human rights.
Our institutions are reinvesting a certain amount of the generated profit back into their employees by not only investing in education, but also art and cultural activities.


We want to act on a local level! Because our certifyees know their communities the best, they know best where support is needed. Therefore, they can apply for the “Economy of Love Fund” and receive financial support to work with their communities. These projects could be investments in our future generations, like reforestation or other sustainable projects to shape a colorful future for our planet. Another purpose would be providing a safety net for existential emergencies, especially for the producers, which are vulnerable to external impacts like climate conditions. The fund is composed of the surplus of the annual membership fees by the licensees.

The Economy of Love Fund



Educational, inspirational and financial support aside. Here comes a very crucial aspect: we listen. Our team visits the farms, processing companies and transport drivers and other links in the value chain to collect material for impacTrace, interview the faces between our finished products and get to know them and their background story. Through impacTrace we provide a channel for them to tell and listen to stories.

Our standard: What's inside?

Learn what our standard covers- within every dimension of sustainability

Learn about the standard firstHow do we ensure the standard?

Ecological Dimension

Through the ecological guidelines of the Economy of Love Standard, the nature is actively regenerated

Biodynamic Production & Processing
Starting at the very beginning of the value chain: every EoL producer or processor follows the biodynamic production and processing standards (one of the worldwide highest eco-friendly standards). Biodynamic agriculture, (seeing the whole farm and its environment as one interrelated organism,) is designed to nourish nature, especially the soil and any living beings. Additionally, our farms keep a mandatory biodiversity reserve, which covers 10% of the farm area. 
Carbon Footprint and care for the environment
EoL Certificate holder aim to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. This can be reached, for example, through balancing out GHG emissions. Other high standards regarding sustainable water usage, waste and waste water management and packaging complete the eco-friendly mission of EoL along the whole value chain. 

Societal Dimension

Fair & Dignified working conditions

EoL strives tocreate  a social environment, in which every individual feels safe, respected and confirmed in its trust into fair and dignified working conditions. 
This basis is provided, for example, through social insurances like those for health, pension and unemployment. 
Another important part of a fruitful societal life is networking, e.g. to support each other, share knowledge and face challenges together. Together with creating awareness about environmental and social issues, this vitalizes and strengthens the local community as well as its resilience.
Every EoL processing & distribution institution has a rotating training plan for workers to improve their awareness about workers’ rights, duties and gender equality, woman empowerment and entrepreneurship. These trainings are chosen according to the needs and visions of the institution and are identified via the Self Assessment. 

Economical Dimension

Trust is key. As the different members of the value chain trust in each other, so does the consumer. That’s why every certificate holder is transparently communicating every institution which made a contribution to the product. Another aspect is the communication of data necessary to assess the full cost of a product. In the end, all this data is used in our tracing tool impacTrace – check out our page about impacTrace!
Creating a positive value for society
It is crucial that the products create a positive value for society in many ways, reinvesting parts of the generated profits into educational and artistic measurements being one.  



Fair value distribution
Another important part is fair value distribution, so that every party, especially every employee involved receives a fair share of the profit and exploitation is prevented. Receiving a fair salary is part of it – a fair salary should 
Additionally, the different chain links in the value chain are encountering each other with solidarity, for example regarding price-agreements. Other keywords to make the relationship solidaric would be respect and reliability. 

Cultural Dimension


Life-long learning and creative engagement with each other and the community describes one dimension of the EoL philosophy. To reconnect economy and culture, every institution reinvests a certain amount of its profit into cultural activities. Especially the artistic potential of the individual is fostered through diverse art courses. This improves the personal wellbeing and enhances creativity to engage with bigger or smaller day-to-day challenges as well as global future challenges.
Local community & culture
Local cultural celebrations are respected.  Additionally, to be in sync with the local rhythm, frequent cooperation with and engagement with local initiatives is happening.
These efforts doesn’t only improve the coworking atmosphere, but benefit the local community. 
Local cultural celebrations are respected. 
Additionally, to be in sync with the local rhythm,
frequent cooperation with and engagement with local initiatives is happening.
These efforts doesn’t only improve the coworking atmosphere, but benefit the local community. 


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