Economy of Love (EoL) is going beyond current certifications and labels of its kind in the sectors of environmental and social standards. Strongly pointing out the importance of cultural criteria, EoL sets a new dimension in sustainable development within institutions and sectors. An EoL also creates the chance to understand and see the bigger picture around one product which includes for example the source of packaging but also the people and communities involved in producing it.
A prerequisite for cooperation in an association of EoL is that the entire agricultural production is conducted according to the criteria of biodynamic cultivation. Further environmental criteria which must be complied concern the energy production and reduction of energy consumption, water consumption and development of reprocessing, reduction of air pollution and own consumption - towards a Co2-neutral production, criteria for increasing the biodiversity of plants and animals and an institutional focus on waste prevention and innovative recycling systems.
Indicators of the Social Sphere refer to a fair share of profits within the different institutions of a production and distribution chain. The same principal is also to be followed on an institutional level inside one company or community. The profit is not there to serve a single institution or individual leaders, but to serve social and cultural activities of the whole community. All stakeholders of a production should engage in creating a collective exchange in order to serve a fair value distribution for all. This development is based on trust and loyalty and has to be cultivated within the associations of an EoL.
EoL is actively integrating the cultural development of people and communities along the value chain. With the production of an EoL product the promotion of individual potential of one self and the community needs to be visible and ensured. Creative, innovative and artistic courses are accessible to all employees and stakeholders. The development of cultural engagement supports the social interaction through creative processes such as art, music, movement or acting.