Our collective responsibility
is to create an ethical and
sustainable economy that
protects nature & people.
Farms & companies have the
responsibility to create safe and
fair working spaces & protect the
Creating transparency helps
customers to know the story behind
each product and its impact
on people and the environment.
Together, responsible
producers and consumers can
create a positive impact on the
environment & people.

Selection of certified products

Selection of verified projects

Selection of verified projects

Greening the Desert Project



SEKEM 1,2,3 and Adleya

Discover your impact

On Nature and People

What is

Economy of Love

Economy of Love is a certification standard for products that are sustainable, ethical and transparent throughout the supply chain. We believe that through a transparent economic system, responsible consumers and producers can actively protect nature, and ensure that every person across the supply chain is fairly compensated and protected from exploitation. Economy of Love is also a community of companies, farms, and consumers working to create an economy based on respect, and compassion towards people and nature.

Economy of Love was initiated by an organic farmer’s association called the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), to support sustainable farmers, companies and consumers.

We Believe in

Creating Balance

We define a sustainable economy as one that serves the global community in the long term. To do so, our outlook must be holistic. We must do business, but also develop our communities through education, protect the earth and its balance, and create fair and dignified working environments. At Economy of Love, we define this sustainability as the balance between the four dimensions of society, economy, culture, and environment. Imagine a world that cares about economic benefit but gives little value to protecting the environment, the people’s livelihood, and the development of communities. That imbalance inflicts harm on people and creates an unsustainable economy that destroys nature.

The wheel of balance and the four dimensions are the basis of our principles and the criteria on which the certification standard is built.


The empowerment of life-long learning, well-being and creative engagement with each other and the community.


The promotion of fair and dignified working conditions in which every individual feels safe and respected.


The active regeneration of the environment through biodynamic farming, and sustainable production practices.


The fair creation and distribution of value to all stakeholders through a transparent economy that accounts for external costs of production practices on society and the environment.

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enables responsible consumers and producer to collaborate and choose a positive impact

To facilitate collaboration and transparency, Economy of Love created impacTrace. This enables consumers to access information about their products through scanning a QR-Code on the package. Consumers can explore details on how their products were made, and what measures were taken to ensure they are ethical and sustainable.

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Economy of Love

Voluntary Carbon Credits

Increase income and well-being of farmers

Decrease price of organic & biodynamic products

increase amount of carbon sequestration

Avoid carbon emissions

Now with the EoL Carbon Credit Certificate you'll be able to:

Choose Your Impact

Make mindful purchasing decisions that leave a positive impact on people and the environment

Buy organic, local, and ethical. Our choices matter.

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